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Welcome to the New St. Joseph's Shop News Page! This site will update you on the news going on at or with St. Joseph's Shop! Enjoy!
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We are saddened to announce that 24K Gold Graphics has shut down their website. We were planning to use their graphics on our website for the future since the St. Joseph's Shop website is going to get a redone in 2018. We were never a member of the site. However, We were making plans to. We have some of the clipart saved from their website before it shut down and we plan to use it in the future. We linked them on our website last year and we are sad to see them shut down. They made some of the most beautiful christian graphics we have ever seen. God Bless 24K Gold Graphics and we wish them the best of luck.

Holy God, We praise thy name!

We are saddened to announce that St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church has ended their Catholic awards program effective December 31st, 2017. They are the ones who rewarded and honored us with the Catholic Resources Website Award. They have shut down the program due to the evolution of the internet and people not interested in displaying the award on their website anymore. We at St. Joseph's Shop will always display the award for all to see on our website for our entire website's existence. You can go see it in the Awards Hall of Fame on the Contact Us Page. We give thanks to this wonderful church for the award and we thank God for this award, most of all. May God Bless this church along the way and may they continue to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.

                            Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

                                                                                           -James 4:10                                 


Happy New Years from St. Joseph's Shop! Make sure to come to St. Joseph's Shop for Regina Cigars. They are top quality cigars to enjoy with the boys while discussing Marian Dogmas! Only at St. Joseph's Shop!

Note: To get the most updates on the store itself, Visit the facebook page. God Bless.

The St. Joseph's Shop redone is now mostly complete. There is now new buttons on the website and they are in COLOR! We would like to thank the people we linked to at the bottom of our front page for making our website even more pretty. We now have more pretty artwork that makes St. Joseph's Shop stand out from the rest. There will be more to come within the Year!


The next thing to do in 2018 is to make an art gallery for St. Joseph on the art gallery page. The page is not under construction. I am just postponing it when I get the time. It took me a long time to make the art galleries of Jesus and Mary. I may have to deal with copyright with the art. But, one day this year, The entire holy family art galleries will be up at St. Joseph's Shop. It depends how busy I am as the webmaster Nathan Smith.

The website is almost fully updated for 2018. The St. Joseph Art Gallery has been completed. We gave credit where credit is due with the people who provided graphics to us on the new updated homepage. On the links page, We have now removed all links to the franciscan websites due to finding a franciscan magazine called the St. Anthony Messenger that undermines the teachings of the Catholic Church. We also found Anti-Trump bias on a few of these websites. All links that linked to the franciscans are now gone. We also are now part of the Mother Teresa Ribbon Campaign. The website was last updated in 2002. The website was sadly not updated describing her sainthood. However, We are displaying the ribbon on our website in memory of her, St. Mother Teresa. We also now have a webring! Make sure to join it if you have a catholic website! God Bless!
Hello Everyone and Happy Late New Year!, Here is the new update for the
St. Joseph's Shop Website! All 4 Jesus's Name's website has shut down but we thank him for the award he gave us a while ago and we will miss his website. The man who ran the website was actually from Indiana. He was pleasured to give his award to a fellow hoosier as in us. We will miss him. Also,  Backgrounds by Marie has shut down. She was the one who made some of the backgrounds on our website. We will miss her website too. We also updated one of our bible links that shut down and replaced with another website with the same bible translation to read. (Specifically, The RSV Bible) We also won the 2019 Mary Pages Award! Thank You Mary Pages! We are currently updating our website and you might see some changes soon. God Bless!